Far Cry New Dawn Cheats

Far Cry: New Dawn PC Cheats


Far Cry: New Dawn Trainer +13 for PC game (2019). This cheat for Far Cry New Dawn works on game version 1.0.2 and above. Trainer includes 13 useful functions

It contains the following cheat options:
  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Unlimited Oxygen
  • Ghost Mode
  • Save Location
  • Teleport
  • Undo Teleport
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Reload
  • No Recoil
  • Super Accuracy
  • Machine Gun No Overheat
  • One-Hit Kills
  • Disable AI Weapons
  • Custom Player Speed
  • Custom Player Jump
  • Easy Craft
  • Easy Upgrade
  • Easy Perk Points
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Far Cry New Dawn strategy menu 

Crawling out of the wreckage / seeking hope 

Select gender * Cannot be changed later

In search of hope ・ Go along the river and get a “branch (melee weapon)” on the side of the blue car
・ Go further and enter the mine (red building)
・ Craft materials are falling around the mine.
・ Collect "Duct tape x 40" and "Parts x 40" to create "Blade launcher" on the workbench
・ 2 enemies on the slope when exiting the mine If you slowly approach it and kill it with a takedown, the handgun will fall, so pick it up and get it
・ Go to the bridge and go to the tunnel. Multiple enemies appear on the way to the tunnel. The enemy in front of the tunnel seems to have no choice but to fight because Carmina has been discovered and engaged in battle even though it has advanced with stealth action.
Because there are many enemies, it is a good idea to fight while hiding near the big rock on the right side through the bridge. If you have a shotgun or a sniper, it will be easier to pick up enemy weapons and fight.
・ If you defeat an enemy, open the door in the tunnel.


Part 1 Prosperity

Rush rescue / expert / equipment upgrade

When you get to Prosperity after the beginning of the strategy, you will be free to explore. After that, the goal is to complete the three items in any order.
So this time I would like to write about how to proceed with the story of “Far Cry New Dawn”.
Fully equipped
・ Talk to Carmina when you can move around
・ Check the nearby yellow bag for character customization
・ If you look at the photos on the 2nd floor, the side mission “Thousand Words” occurs
・ Story mission `` Escape '' occurs when talking to Kim and CO-OP can be used
Later, ・ Clear story mission `` Escape '' ・ Clear expert mission on map ・ Upgrade equipment of Prosperity
You will clear the above in any order.

Expert story mission

The locations of expert story missions are displayed on the map. The mission progresses by moving to the place of occurrence and talking to an expert (bean / seleny / grace).


・ If you go to the place where the bean is on the map and talk to the bean, you will get a “lost continuation”
・ Go to the farm
・ There are Richard and the enemy, so if you defeat the enemy, Richard escapes
Chasing Richard
・ Speak to the river because Richard stops.
-Enemy appears when the position of the bunker is known. Prosperity allies also appear, so defeat the disturbing enemies and enter the bunker
・ Get a "business plan" in the safe in the bunker
Talking to a bean adds a mission clear bean to Prosperity

Deep dive

・ If you go to a place where there is a serenity on the map and talk to the serenity, a "deep dive" will occur
・ Drop into the hole
・ Turn the two valves in the search area
-Wait until the water level rises after returning to the fall location.
・ If you go a little further, 3 dogs will attack you.
・ Because the amount of oxygen going to the search area through the water is severe, take action quickly.
・ The door opens when you shoot a red object after opening the valve.
-Operate the valve at the end of the door to open the inflow valve that raises the water level and close the outflow valve (determined by the direction of the arrow on the pipe) Close the two lower pipes and open the upper three pipes.
・ Because it reaches a dead end after a certain amount of progress, step on the scaffold to shoot and destroy red objects
・ Go ahead of the open door
・ When you return to the place where you fell, climb up the ladder and proceed a little. Snakes and wrinkles will appear.
・ Proceed to the water under the stairs and crocodiles appear
You can shoot and defeat from this place, so it is safe to proceed after defeating.
-Turning the valve at the back raises the water level, so it returns to the place where it falls
・ Climb the ladder after picking up the kit in the water
・ If you talk to Serenity, Mission Clear Sereny will be added to Prosperity

Screeching blade

・ Go to the location of Grace Armstrong on the map
・ If you talk to Grace after defeating an enemy, you will get a “scoring blade”
・ A large number of enemies who pick up weapons in the cargo vehicle at the destination appear, but the purpose is item collection, so it can be ignored to some extent.
-Collect stolen items (3 locations)

Part 2 The secret of New Eden Prophecy Flame of eden In a blessing / Joseph's secret Upgrade (level 3)
Part 3 Infiltration This is entertainment Crime from inside Riding Derby Problem Solver / Ethan's Soul
Elements to be cleared after clearing

Side mission

Recommended fellow characters and subscription conditions summary
Timber side missions and locations Pastor Jerome's side mission and location Nana's side mission and location Gina's side mission and location Hark side mission and location Side mission and location
"Thousand words" and the place of the photo Audiophile and music player location

Detour / involvement element

Fishing rod release conditions and fishing methods How to hunt and find a hunting ground
Where to find strange animals and how to use them
Base release location and material recovery Tips for stealth capture on difficulty level III
Exploration release conditions and capture flow How to get a Sam Fisher costume
Treasure Hunt Cheats ① (West side of the map) Treasure Hunt Cheats ② (East on the map)
How to get the trophy "If you can fly!"

Equipment / Items

Difference between recommended weapon and weapon rank
Special ammunition craft and recommended use How to increase weapon slots and how to use wheel / throw weapons
Medical kit creation and craft material location How to obtain ethanol and how to collect it efficiently Efficient way to collect craft materials


Perk recommended for the beginning How to get PERK points
Fast travel release conditions and exploration levels
How to open the safe and how to use the items you get
Prosperity equipment upgrades and priorities
Resurrection, strengthening and ordering of Gunfor Hire
Obtaining and customizing clothes (costumes)


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