Call of Duty modern warfare 2019 review

What is the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare release date?

this is Call of duty modern warfare 2019 review tutorial, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the 19th work in the Call of Duty series, announced on May 31, 2019, and worldwide on October 25 of the same year.

 It is a video game With the exception of “Modern Warfare Remastered”, the CERO rating of this work will be D (17 years and over) designated work since “ Ghost ”.

Part of the Modern Warfare series (" Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ", " Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 ", " Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ") The world view and time
this series connected at all, and it is a work of the new modern warfare series.

“ Call of Duty Black Ops 4 ” released in 2018 that is limited to multi-mode, but now the campaign mode is back. Zombie mode recorded.

The time series announced that 2019 will be a modern game set in the stage, and in multi-mode, it announced that it will support the first cross-play of the CoD series. However, console (PS4 / Xbox One) players usually match between consoles and can only cross-play with PC players only when a friend party is formed. 

The so-called review bombing seems to have occurred against Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019, which Activision / Infinity Ward just launched on October 25th. Review bombing is a process in which a large number of users submit a large number of reviews in a short period of time to lower the review score for a specific title. In the past, review bombing has occurred mainly in Steam, but the review collection site Metacritic is the stage in this work that is not sold on Steam.

Metacritic collects media reviews from around the world and calculates a score called Metascore for each title. User reviews can also be posted, and the user score is posted separately from the Metascore. At the time of this writing, the meta score of this work is 84/83/84 in the order of PC / PS4 / Xbox One version, whereas the user score is extremely low at 2.7 / 3.4 / 3.6 (user score is 10 points) Perfect score). Although it is not uncommon for Metacritic to see a gap between media and user ratings, there are quite a few users who score 0 in this work, and there are similarities in the review content. In short, it is dissatisfaction with how Russia is drawn in this work. 

In the campaign mode of “call of duty modern warfare 2019 review ”, the story of each power is drawn on a pillar of chemical weapons stolen from the Russian army. Appearance forces are roughly divided into America, Britain, Russia, and the fictional Middle East nation Urgystan, each with a different power.

For example, Uljikstan has the militia organization ULF and the terrorist group Al Catara. Both fights for freedom, but the ULF that stood up to protect the country and Al Catara that caused terrorism around the world are incompatible. However, Russian general Barkov, who occupies Uljikstan, treats both as the same terrorist. On the other hand, General Barkov is in a position that cannot necessarily be said to be supported by the home government.

In this work, not only Al Katara, but also a number of brutal scenes by the Russian army will appear, and the suppression and slaughter of civilians including children may be depicted through the mission. This seems to represent the strong power of General Barkov or runaway. There is a scene where the player is tortured by General Barkov himself, and it would be no wonder that the biggest enemy in this work is Russia.

Russian people don't agree with Modern Warfare's depiction of the country

Looking at Metacritic's low-rated user reviews, there are many complaints about drawing Russian troops like the world's enemies and terrorists, and many reviews are written in Russian. Some criticize using the term Russophobic. Not only games, but Russia is often depicted as an enemy, so there seem to be some disgusting feelings about the narrative aspect of this work, narrative designer Taylor Kurosaki of developer Infinity Ward said that everyone expressed it as a gray existence without clearly dividing good and evil according to the increasing complexity of the modern situation . Certainly, the appearances of each power believe in their own justice, so their views may change depending on their position. When playing as a member of the US CIA or British SAS, there are times when it is necessary to make a ruthless decision, and even in Russia, there are people and forces that cooperate with the West.

However, compared to the Western countries playing as the main character and the conflict between ULF's good and evil, the way the Russian army led by General Barkov seems not to be very gray to the reviewers who gave it low ratings.
In addition, this work has a mission called “Death Highway” set in Urjikstan, which is set as a site where Russian troops bombed displaced people. A road called the death highway exists between Iraq and Kuwait, where the American army bombed the retreating Iraqi army during the Gulf War, and there was a dispute about whether it was a war crime. It is unclear whether this place was modeled in this work, but the appearance of many destroyed vehicles rolling down the road is very similar. And the setting of this mission also seems to be an expression that replaces the reality caused by the United States with Russia, and there are reviews that irony this work as a propaganda work.

As for "call of duty modern warfare 2019 review ", it became a hot topic that SIE forgot to handle PS4 version PlayStation Store for Russia ( related article ). Also, even if you search a major Russian mail order site, the past works of the series are sold, but this work is not found. Neither of the reasons for selling off has been disclosed, but the expression about the Russian army in this work may have been determined to be unacceptable to consumers. By the way, in the story trailer posted at the beginning, there is almost no Russian army, whether it was inadvertently lying down.

At this time, there is no particular response from the developer about these severe criticisms from Russian users. Although it is a part, it is an abnormal situation to stop selling. The future works are likely to attract attention as a result of investing a stone in a kind of climate that draws Russia as a ruthless enemy.

What we know about the singleplayer campaign


In this work, the story is drawn from the viewpoint of three people.

Sergeant Kyle Garrick
    English Voice Actor: Elliott Knight
    At the start of the story, he was a member of the British Army SAS and was assigned to the London Metropolitan Police Department 's Counter-Terrorism Team

(CTSFO), but returned to SAS to track the terrorist incident. (Director of the Police Department → Sergeant).

    English Voice Actor: Chad Michael Collins
    CIA military agency SAD operator.

Farah Karim
    Liberation Army Leader of the Middle East “Russia”. There is a connection with the Russian Army Balkov.

 SAS (British Special Airborne Unit)

Captain John Price
    English voice actor: Barry Sloan
    A legendary SAS member who supports Kyle, Alex, and Fara.
Alpha 2-1, 3-1
    A member of SAS and a member of CRW (counter-revolution team) in Japan.
Alpha 2-3, 2-4, 2-6
Crown 6-3, 6-4
Sinner 1-1
    A member of SAS and a member of military operations overseas.
John “Soap” McTavish
Simon “Ghost” Riley
    After the main story, SAS members were named as members of "Task Force 141", which Price creates.

London Metropolitan Police Department

Brooks, Saber 2-6, Crowley, Fowler
    Police officer belonging to the London Metropolitan Police Department 's anti-terrorism team.
    Commander of the London Metropolitan Police Department and Counterterrorism Team.


Kate Laswell
    English Voice Actor: Riya Kielstead
    CIA analyst. Alex's boss.

US Marine Corps

    English Voice Actor: Nick Boline
    Colonel of the US Marine Corps.
    English voice actor: Debra Wilson
    A female general of the US Marine Corps.
Griggs Sergeant
    English Voice Actor: Ramonica Garrett
    Sergeant of the US Marine Corps. A member of the ready-to-use unit "Demon Dogs".
Hitman 7-1, 7-2, 7-3
    A member of the United States Marine Corps and a member of the Marine Corps Surprise Unit.
Hammer 2-1
    US Marine Corps helicopter pilot

Urgykstan Liberation Army

Hadir Karim
    Fara's brother. Excellent drone technology.
Ali, Nida
    Liberation Army member.

Russian Federation

Roman Barkov
    Nikolai said that the Russian army general, who had gathered Russian soldiers and retired mercenaries , had his own power that was against the will of the Russian

    In Pakistan, both Al-Kathara and the Liberation Army are called terrorists, giving unrelenting repression to civilians who are suspected or resisted.
Kamarov Sergeant
    English Voice Actor: Gene Farber
    Russian Federal Security Service soldier.
Russia J-12
    One of his Russian soldiers. Twenty years ago, Fara and Hadir's father were shot and killed by Fara, who had scrambled with them.
    The person who started Fara becoming a guerrilla.

Al Katara

Omar Slaman
    English Voice Actor: Joel Swetu
    Leader of Urgykstan's Islamic extremist organization "Al Katara", called "Wolf".
Jamal Lahar
    English Voice Actor: Nick E. Tarabay
    Omar Slaman's entourage called "Butcher".


    English Voice Actor: Stephen Kapićic
    Price's old friend. A collaborator in the setting of the first MW. 

Single play stage

Battlefield Fog-Castovia Verdansk 24 October 2019 05:30

    Alex and the Marine Corps Special Forces, ordered by CIA Kate, secretly search for chemical weapons stolen from Colonel Barkov, Russia.

Piccadilly UK London October 25, 2019 18:00
    Be wary of bombing terrorism in London, SAS and London Metropolitan Police Department anti-terrorism team strengthens vigilance.
    Kyle finds and tracks a suspicious van ...

Army Urjikstan Actavi October 25, 2019, 15:30
    Alex goes to meet Fara, the commander of the local militia organization, in the middle of Captain Price to fight Al Katara.
    Farah asks for the cooperation of the yang war in preparation for the Russian air base attack.

Surrogate War Uljikstan Allab
    Alex and Hadir begin an attack on Balkov's airbase.

General Cleaning UK Camden Town Oct 27, 2019 01:00:00
    Kyle and Price transfer to SAS assault al-Qatara operatives lurking in a residential area in London to gather information on Al-Katara

Hunting time Urjikstan Ramada October 28, 2019 06:30
    Alex and Marine Demon Dogs begin tracking Al Catara's leader "Wolf" to get Barkov's whereabouts

Embassy Urujikstan Sakhara Oct 28, 2019 21:00
    The group who succeeded in restraining the Wolf transfers their personality to the embassy.
    On the other hand, the embassy is surrounded by mob demanding the release of Al Catara's leader, and the non-combatant embassy staff is also killed by Butcher who

leads the mob.
    The SAS helicopter who came to collect Alex and Wolf is shot down, and Price and Kyle are forced to engage with the mob.

Death Highway Urjikstan Darth
    After being escaped by the Wolf, Alex and Fara went ahead on the escape route and ambushed and attacked the "Death Highway".
    This scenario includes a scene that seems to be a tribute to the "watermelon split" (first-rate if you are a fruit opponent) and "distance sniper with 50 calibers

(Assassination the price went to Zakaev)" in the first MW ing

Hometown Urjikstan Riyazabi Around 1999 (20 years before the main story)
    Under the direction of the Russian army Balkov, the city is destroyed and citizens are killed as terrorists.
    Farah and Hadir's young brothers attempt to escape through Russian army surveillance.

Wolves' burrow Urjikstan Dhakali Oct 29, 2019 22:30
    Hadir took away chemical weapons from Barkov and is now found to have teamed up with Al Katara.
    The CIA will make Hadir the most important arrangement and will raid Al Catara's base where the wolf appears to be in order to obtain information on where to hide.

Captive Urgystan Topprak Unknown (around 2009)
    Fara was captured by Barkov as a prisoner of war and subjected to intensive interrogation in the camp.
    A young price attacks the camp and Fara tries to escape.

Old times Russia St. Petersburg Oct 31, 2019, 17:00
    Kyle and Price leave SAS and start their own actions.
    We will procure weapons through the cooperation of the former Nikolai and try to secure a butcher who hides here.
    At the end of this scenario, you will be presented with several choices that depict Kyle's anguish: whether to choose a method for the purpose or where to draw the

line between justice and necessary evil.

Sneaking in Moldova Bauruchi November 1, 2019 23:00
    Kyle and Price infiltrate the city protected by Al Catara, the hiding place, where Hadir appears to be.
    Kyle and Price bound Hadir, but pretended to turn over to find the location of Barkov's chemical weapons factory.

Inside the furnace Georgia Borjomi November 3, 2019, at 14:30
    CIA and SAS support Urgykstan militia and initiate a total attack on Barkov's chemical weapons factory
    Alex, Kyle, and Farah will end the battle in their own way. 


Call of Duty modern warfare Multiplayer

With a familiar multiplayer, the ultimate battle experience awaits you online. It is also a good idea to organize a unit and challenge a number of strategies for all skill levels.

Players jump into a new playground that redefines the definition of “call of duty modern warfare 2019 ” multiplayer, Gunfight ’s fast-paced 2vs2 close combat, traditional 6vs6 multiplayer, 10vs10 and 20vs20 battles, multiplayer maps Experience a completely new Ground War, an epic large-scale battle that supports battle, battle, and 100 simultaneous play. And these are just the beginning for Call of duty modern warfare 2019 review fans. 

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